Haircare tips amid COVID-19 pandemic

NOW: Haircare tips amid COVID-19 pandemic

GOSHEN, Ind.-- We have seen the impacts of COVID-19 on our daily lives but now as we go into our first full month of trying to flatten the curve, we are seeing how the virus is also impacting our long term personal care appointments.

In the mean time many are wondering what are those next steps as we try to maintain our hair?

Angie Shetler has been a hair stylist for over 24 years.

Currently, she has a booth at Shoobeedoo's in Goshen off of Main Street where she hasn't had any appointments in the last 2 weeks and won't be scheduling any for at least a month out.

"I have been out of work now for two week. We closed the salon down due to social distancing." says Shetler, "I am not making any money and still owe money because we pay booth rent."

Shetler is praying for President Trump's trillion dollar stimulus package for some extra money to help with her expenses while she is out of work.

Her worry is not only for her and her own family, but also for her many clients.

As we are still having to push appointments further and further away, Shetler wants to remind her and all clients to be patient with their professionals as they try to prioritize and schedule appointments to help make sure everyone is covered.

Until that time comes, "I would just encourage you to take really good care of it and do as little as you can possibly get by with" says Shetler.

For men, things are a little easier with their shorter hair.

They have the option to go the store or buy online a clipper with various attachments to get your hair back to your preferred length.

For women however cutting let alone dying come with a lot more anxiety when trying to do it to yourself or to a friend or loved one.

"This could be a time where you grow your hair out and take really good care of it, use really good conditioning on it and give it a break from the straighteners and curling irons.”

Or if you are wanting to trim things up, make sure to know whether your hair is cut bluntly or with layers.

If you are going to try your hand at dying, Shetler recommends trying to match the product you buy as closely as you can with the product your professional uses.

Always go lighter versus darker because fixing hair thats a little to light is a lot easier than lightening hair that got to dark.

If you have any questions or concerns on what to do with your hair always call your stylist before doing anything to drastic.

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