Heyward creates buzz at Four Winds Field; impressed with SB Cubs' facilities


A lot to be excited about Thursday night at Four Winds Field with Chicago Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward making an appearance while he rehabbed a knuckle injury.

Heyward said before about how impressed he was with the facilities in South Bend, especially the performance center.

"Looks like a cool place to play to me, you talking about minor league facilities. I know the Cubs take a lot of pride in that, going out there to that batting cage that's pretty special, the weight room, stuff like that, walk into the clubhouse, clubhouse is in good shape, I've played in some bad clubhouses but that's a part of it man, this is the closest thing to the big leagues we have as minor leaguers and you try to make the most of it," Heyward said.

And when asked about being around 19-21 year olds, Heyward said he didn't even notice.

"I just think about being around baseball players you know age wise, it's just fun to be around guys that are hungry, to go onto the next level and see them trying to perfect their craft and get to the next level and you know talking to the manager when I first walked into the clubhouse, saw their record, they're playing pretty well, got a lot of good guys out here doing good things," Heyward said.

However his new "teammates" definitely noticed him.

"He's very very large, TV doesn't do him justice, it was awesome to be able to talk to someone like that, people you grew up watching on TV," South Bend Cubs outfielder Brandon Cummins said.

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