Holiday Heroes: Meals-on-Wheels

Holiday Heroes: Meals-on-Wheels

Yesterday we shared some Real Recipes from Real Services. The organization helps people stay in their homes, and independent. One of the best ways to keep people healthy, is to feed them a hot, healthy meal. Real Services is in charge of  meals-on-wheels of St. Joseph county and the city of Elkhart. 

They make the meals in their kitchen, and volunteers deliver them to clients. The visits are more then just a food delivery, they are nice hello and check-in on someone that may be homebound. 

It's a great activity and giving back to the community, and I know that they need more volunteers, so I hope others pick up the phone or go to REAL services website to volunteer.   Pat Murphy- Volunteer

It doesn't take a lot of time, a couple hours, one day a week. Shifts can even be partnered with friends or coworkers, reducing the individual delivery days to every two weeks or once a month. 

For one thing the volunteers are very valuable, to help all the people like myself, disabilities, diabetes, can’t get out and can’t cook for themselves. And it means a lot to me, and I’m very grateful for all their help, that they can give me because I’m homebound … and there are a lot of other people here in my community that are homebound as well and we couldn’t manage without them, we couldn’t manage without REAL SERVICES. The volunteers are very necessary and God bless all of them., we really really need them.   Joan Wilcox - Client. 

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