Home improvement projects while social distancing

NOW: Home improvement projects while social distancing

SOUTH BEND, IND.-- Bars and restaurants are not the only places feeling the impact of the coronavirus--many other small businesses are feeling the heat as well!

One of the businesses seeing a lack in foot traffic over the past few days is Ardmore Hardware, who has been off of Ardmore Trail, in South Bend, since 1951.

Owner, Ron Compton, has had the store stocked with all things needed for screen repair, windows, plumbing, lawn mowers--you name it for the last 23 years.

Compton says that he has come to love being a service to his community and fostering relationships day in and day out with his customers.

However, recently, within the last week, things have been different.

"But I am seeing as a result of this virus going around a few less people" says Compton, "So it's hard to really determine right now whether it's had to much of an affect on me or not. I think it has but figures don’t show it yet."

While the figures may not show a change yet, Compton wants to remind everyone small businesses like his are open and would love to see you!

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