Horse riding therapy helps children with disabilities

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A therapeutic horse riding center in Michiana is making a big difference for children with disabilities. The summer program started Monday.

Most children live to run around and play tag, climb trees, and skateboard. That is not the reality for Isaiah who was born with a curve in his back.

Reins of Life Therapeutic Riding Stables provide emotional freedom for children like Isaiah who have difficulty moving alone.

Instructors work on hand-eye coordination, stretching, and developing motor skills. 

Horses at the barn are donated from all over the country, and instructors pair their students with a horse whose personality matches.

Isaiah's favorite horse is Grand. Spending time with Grand has been good for him.

“His trunk was rounded a lot and now that he's been out here he's been sitting up a lot straighter,” said Tonya Towne.

Reins of Life representatives say they always need more volunteers at the barn.

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