Hotel Elkhart returns to downtown

NOW: Hotel Elkhart returns to downtown

ELKHART, Ind -- Hotel Elkhart officially returns to the city, hoping to bring expansion to the city during a pandemic.

The building of Hotel Elkhart has been around since 1923 and today, while in the heart of downtown, the hotel has finally opened their doors, almost 100 years later.

The imposing brick building happens to be the tallest in the city, as the nine story structure provides beautiful views across Michiana.

The ribbon cutting included many speakers, from Hotel Elkhart developers, to Elkhart Mayor Rod Robertson who share his thoughts on the landmark's rebirth.

"I can’t underscore the importance of hotel Elkhart – uh it brings multiple different cultures – it brings multiple different relationships together," said Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson.

With the hotel re-opening just two years before the building's 100 year anniversary, many in the community are excited for what it brings back to main street.

Including one local business, who's been here since 1985.

"We are so very happy to have the hotel back downtown here in Elkhart," said Matzke Florists Manager Jennifer Rupnow.

The hotel offering more than 90 rooms, with local art adorning the walls, plus restaurants, bars, and a rooftop view.

"That’s the thing, you’ve got to see it. You’ve got to see what they’ve done with this hotel. It went from a one-hundred year old building, to a beautiful icon," said Rupnow.

The new hotel, funded by the non-gaming arm of the Pokagan Band of Potowattami Indians, is bringing over 50 new jobs to downtown.

With the potential for more business opportunities, now that Main Street is becoming the place to be.

"We’re getting multiple people that are developers and others that are asking about properties that exist in Elkhart. Not just the shovel ready dirt but buildings that are already up and how can we re-design them," said Mayor Roberson.

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