Hunting for the full moon

Most people are hunting for candy or a costume in late October just in time for Halloween.  Well, this month you can add one more thing to the list...the moon!

Thanks to Sandy, most of us will not be able to enjoy the moon, which is technically full on Monday night.  So, I am writing this a day early so you have a chance to check it out!

The full moon for October is known as the Hunter's Moon, but not for the reasons I mentioned before.  For the Native Americans, the trees were bare, crops harvested and the deer fat, so it was time to hunt!

Some other nicknames for this moon:

Blood Moon (for hunting, not Halloween), Full Travel Moon, Full Dying Grass Moon, Kindly Moon, Blackberry Moon, Moon when quilling and beading is done, Moon of falling leaves, Moon then the water freezes (not yet, thankfully!), Big Wind Moon, and the Moon of the changing seasons (appropriate for our weather lately!)

Enjoy Halloween and the rest of October!

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