Incorrect info inadvertently released in Delphi double homicide

The Indiana State Police said a sheriff's office in Tennessee misinterpreted information sent to them about the search for the killer of Liberty German and Abigail Williams and released incorrect information.

Police said as part of the family's effort to develop leads in the investigation, information was shared with police agencies across the nation.

The Bledsoe County Sheriff's Department misinterpreted the information and posted the FBI had extended the search into their county, but there was no specific search for a suspect in Bledsoe County.

The ISP clarified the search for the killer has expanded nationwide.

The Bledsoe County Sheriff's Department has since clarified their post to clarify the search is nationwide.

Click here to view information about the case and listen to a recording of the suspect.

The ISP encourages anyone with information to call the tip line at 844-459-5786. You can remain anonymous.

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