Indiana University launches vaccine incentive campaign

NOW: Indiana University launches vaccine incentive campaign

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Indiana University is launching a new vaccine incentive program aimed at getting everyone vaccinated before coming to campus this fall. In total, $70,000 worth of prizes will be given out.

A walk on campus might look sweeter this fall. That is – if you’re vaccinated.

“Just for getting a vaccine, no essays, nothing too special, no scholarship requirements. It’s literally just getting the shot, submitting it, anybody can get lucky," David Saleh, one IUSB student said.

Indiana University is launching a vaccine incentive program at all of their campuses to push students, faculty, and staff to get the vaccine come next school year.

It’s the first university locally to launch such a campaign.

“This is just a great way to motivate them and give them an extra push to go out and do it," Cassidy Martinson, another IUSB student said.

Every Thursday from June 10th to the 28th, winners will be selected at random. Two students and one faculty staff member will win up to $500 in either gift cards, vouchers, dining credits or prizes including a parking pass.

And the sweetest prize of all? One student will be selected on July 2nd to win free tuition for a year.

“I think for college students our whole life depends on tuition money, that’s what we live off of we have to pay our tuition, we have to pay our bills or we can’t get a degree to go on with our future – so for us putting a price point on it is key," Martinson said.

Students tell ABC57 it’s a good step forward.

“I like what they’re trying to do. They want to get people involved since it’s not mandatory to show that you have had the vaccine – the state ruling that out," Saleh said. "The only problem I have with it is, give something to everybody. Everybody has to take the time to fill out the information and turn it in. By doing that the IU campus will be more unified everybody will be more connected. Send out a little pin or something.”

Tana: so do you think this is actually going to incentivize people to get the vaccine?

“I believe so," Saleh said.

“I think for some students it will I do think for some students it won’t matter to them if they are going to get the vaccine they won’t get it no matter the $500. For some students this can give them the extra push that they need," Martinson said.

“I might as well give it a shot, anythings possible. I am just excited to go back to a pre-COVID classroom setting so whatever it takes. I’m willing to do it just for that sake," Saleh said.

Now, the country is trying to get to herd immunity for life like normal which begs the question, should other universities follow suit?

Martinson said that’s a hard line to draw.

“I think that’s a tough question because incentivizing a vaccination can be a little iffy for some people and depending on the type of students that they have or the communities that they’re in – that could just not suit them so it depends on their personal stance on the matter," she said.


Good afternoon,

To further boost vaccine adoption among the Indiana University community prior to the Fall 2021 semester, IU is launching an incentive program for all students, faculty and staff who submit a proof of vaccine via the self-report form.

From June 10 to 28, winners will be selected at random each Thursday at IU's campuses statewide. Every week at each campus, at least two students and one faculty/staff member will win up to $500 in their choice of gift cards, vouchers, dining credit or prizes. 

A grand prize will be announced on July 2 with one student being selected to win a tuition credit the value of one year in-state tuition for their campus and faculty/staff choosing between a pair of season tickets for either the Indianapolis Colts or Indiana Repertory Theatre.

In total, over $70,000 in prizes will be distributed between students, faculty and staff.

Winning students will determine how they redeem their $500 prize and can select from a gift card to the campus bookstore, on-campus dining credit or a parking pass. Faculty/staff winners can select from an Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, JBL speaker or Yeti cooler.

Part-time, full-time and 100% online students, faculty and staff are eligible for the prizes. The randomly drawn winners will receive tax information related to any applicable reporting of prizes.

More information is available on our IU COVID-19 FAQ page.


Justin Whitaker

Communications Consultant

IU Studios

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