Is crime impacting your home's value?

If you think rising crime rates don't really affect you because you don't live in the neighborhoods where it's mostly happening, think again.

A survey published in Realtor Magazine in 2021 found that safety was the number one factor people consider when buying a new home, even more than cost of living and quality of education.

So even if you don't live in those neighborhoods, if you live within a few miles, your property value could be dropping because potential home buyers want to locate as far away from crime riddled neighborhoods as they possibly can.

If you live in or live near a high crime area there are some steps you can take to maintain your home's value. 

Steps to Maintain Your Home's Value

-Make sure your garage is secure (garages are common break-in points) 

-Install security system/cameras

-Install fencing

-Start a neighborhood watch program

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