Knox community searching for missing woman

KNOX, Ind. - The small, tight knit community of Knox is searching for a woman who has been missing for nearly three weeks. 

So far, they haven't had much luck.

“This is not a case that happens in our community all that often. This is a rare occasion," said Knox City Police Detective Eric Vanderheof.

Life may continue as normal at Knox's Zip Thru Mart, but for nearly three weeks, customers have been missing a face they're used to seeing behind the counter, 37-year-old Barbara McCurdy.

Her brother reported her missing on January 20, but she hasn't been heard from since the 14.

“It’s tough to go to work. It’s tough to sit and eat dinner at night, knowing somebody’s missing. It really is, you know you feel guilty that you’re not out looking all the time, spending all your days looking," said Barb's brother, Doug McCurdy.

Her co-worker of five years, Charlie Estok, has been frantically looking on social media.

“Completely shocked, because Barb doesn’t come up missing. Barb is always around people she knows...she comes to the store every single day," said Charlie.

The detective working the case has seen her there and was also taken aback when he heard she was missing.

“I was surprised. It’s not the norm for somebody to be as social as she is to just disconnect all her friends and her relatives that she did keep in contact. It’s odd, and that’s why we’re looking into it," said Detective Vanderheof.

He says they've been driving around knocking on doors, pulling up phone records, posting on Facebook and have since added a $2,000 reward for useful information.

Even with all those techniques, they haven't gotten that far.

“I still look every night for something," said Doug.

Another person looking is the woman who employed her for years, whom she calls Mama J.

“I just hope somebody hears this that can give a clue that can put that puzzle together, because we just want her home. I miss her," said Charlie's mother and owner of Zip Thru Mart, Janice Estok.

Barbara is 37 years old, 5'6", 160 pounds, and she has brown hair and blue eyes.

She was last seen in Knox on Sunday, January 14, wearing a pink Carhart-style jacket and blue jeans and is driving a 2006 Chevy Cobalt.

If you have any information relating to her disappearance, please contact the Knox Police Department at (574)772-3771.

The family is now offering a reward of $2,000 for any information that leads to Barbara's safe return. 

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