Kona Ice serves up 1,000 treats to Heartland RV workers

ELKHART, Ind. -- Heartland RV in Elkhart gave their employees a cool surprise on Thursday.

Management chipped in for a Kona Ice truck to serve up more than 1,000 treats.

Like most factories in the area, Heartland doesn't have air conditioning, so temperatures can get pretty high working around heavy machinery.

The kind gesture didn't go unnoticed by workers either.

"Thank you very much!  It's hot!  I really appreciate it! Gotta get back to work," said one employee as he ran back into the building.

Just outside Plant 10, we took a temperature reading with our heat gun.

The asphalt was 139 degrees, but the frosty treats were a cool 47.

Heartland employs 800 workers in Elkhart.

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