Leave the booze and bud at home, Berrien County Sheriff's Office shares 4th of July beach reminders

NOW: Leave the booze and bud at home, Berrien County Sheriff’s Office shares 4th of July beach reminders

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- Tens of thousands are expected to be at Silver Beach Wednesday for their annual firework show.

The entire holiday week will be busy for Berrien County police as they work to make sure all beachgoers follow the rules, to keep themselves and others safe.

"We work hard to keep this a family environment down here," says Greg Sanders, an Undersheriff at the Berrien County Sheriff's Department.

So, take this as a warning; before you pack your coolers and beach bags for Silver Beach this Fourth of July week and weekend, leave your booze and bud at home.

Last year, the Berrien County Sheriff's Office handed out 150 citations for alcohol violations and three for marijauana violations.

"We'll take a zero-tolerance approach if you do bring alcohol or marijuana onto the beach and take enforcement actions," Sanders says.

The Sheriff's Office will be doubling up with other local law enforcement agencies to make sure there's enough eyes patrolling the thousands of beachgoers.

"We've coordinated with the Michigan State Police and The Saint Joseph Department of Public Safety to have extra people down here for the safety of individuals," explains Sanders.

Visitors can help keep the beach safe for their families too by calling and reporting any beachgoers that are causing problems.

"We just want to do our part to keep everyone safe down here and make it a memorable holiday," Sanders says.

The Sheriff's Office recommends taking a look at berriencounty.org before you come to the beach on Wednesday night for fireworks for everything you need to know like park hours, prices, and of course, all the rules.

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