Local experts say wine shortage won't affect Michiana

BARODA, Mich. -- This week, a report released from Morgan Stanley Research warned of an impending worldwide wine shortage. Local wineries in Michigan say when the shelves start being affected by the shortage, they will fill store shelves.

"People are finding wines that they like to drink, it is no longer this secret club of enofiles - it's that people are actually drinking to have fun," said Wally Maurer, owner of Domaine Berrien Cellars.

As more wine fills the tables around the world, wine producers are looking at more empty bottles.

"The amount of consumption in the world is more than the amount of wine being produced," said Maurer.

Maurer says Michiana wine consumers have nothing to worry about.

"We are not going to run out of wine," said Maurer.

At Round Barn Winery, they are staying just as busy as ever.

They say customers are even looking at better prices.

"On the grocery store shelf it will affect them more, as their prices go up, we are going to stay the same or maybe even go a little bit cheaper to try to catch some new customers at the same time," said Matthew Moersch of Round Barn Winery.

With the perfect weather for grapes in southern Michigan, the shelves in Michiana will stay stocked and wine will continue to pour.

"This season has been great for Michigan, we had one of the earliest harvests we have ever had along with one of the largest crops we have ever had," said Moersch.


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