Local families with food allergies feel pinch as EpiPen costs skyrocket

Sara Goldenberg

Hudson, OH -- Several lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation after the price of a life-saving allergy medication skyrocketed.

The cost of EpiPen has surged to over $600 and people living with food allergies are outraged. Many people with high deductible plans are paying for the medication, which comes in packs of two, out of pocket.

A family in Hudson says it's not an option for them to go without it because their daughter's life is on the line. Anna Unke, 9, of Hudson, doesn't leave the house without her EpiPen. Her mom Lauren Unke worries every day that she'll need to use it.

Anna has a peanut allergy and other food allergies.

"You always think your daughter's going to have a carefree life, and not have to think before she eats, or not be invited somewhere because those parents don't want to deal with it or just don't understand it. So that's kind of heartbreaking," Unke said.

Unke says the community has been very welcoming and accepting. But it's hard for some people to understand that no matter how careful they are, one bite of something with peanuts in it could send Anna to the emergency room.


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