Local girl a 'warrior' with a congenital heart defect

 A Michiana mother's heart breaks every day because her daughter has a congenital heart defect.

Lisa Ortiz watches her young daughter fight to do things ordinary 5 year olds take for granted because Bella's immune system isn't strong enough to fight off the flu or even the common cold.

Her mom told ABC 57 News that "a sick child could actually kill Bella. I almost lost her twice already."

So Bella wears her warrior gear everywhere she goes as her first layer of protection.

It reads "Warning I am a heart warrior. As perfect, cute and brave as I may be, your germs are way too big for me. Please don't touch me."

Congenital heart defects affect millions of newborns every year.

One in every 110 babies are born with it, but so many of them won't live long enough to see their first birthdays.
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