Local GOP voters weigh in on DACA discussions, President Trump's base

NOW: Local GOP voters weigh in on DACA discussions, President Trump’s base


SOUTH BEND, Ind.— DACA discussions happening in our nation’s capital have voters here in Michiana talking as well.

Local republicans are weighing in on the state of the party amid reports President Donald Trump is looking to cross the aisle to push legislation on immigration.

“If we had had adequate border security and an effective immigration policy, we wouldn’t be dealing with DACA today,” said voter Lynn Fitzpatrick. “It’s not the role of the President to fix what congress refuses to do.”

While all eyes are on President Trump’s next moves in deciding the fate of the program, his base in St. Joseph County thinks when it comes to this discussion, the focus should be on other elected leaders.

“It’s back in the lap of congress, the onus is on them to pass something related to these children, I think it’s in the right place and going forward they have a responsibility to do it,” said voter Brian Pawlowski.

These voters had critical conversations over coffee Thursday, pointing the blame at the Capitol rather than the White House for its failure to push the GOP Party’s agenda.

“You have an opposition party that is defiant and unwilling to cooperate,” said voter Christopher Riley. “But I’m really pleased with what he has done so far and I think the next three years are promising.”

Many are wondering where immigration reform will stand over the next three years, which is why some aren’t surprised the President is reaching across the aisle.

“There’s always a need for bipartisan support,” said Luis Fraga, Notre Dame Political Science Chair. “When you have two groups who have diametrically opposed positions, it’s going to be impossible to get anything done.”

Fraga says while it might not be a popular, the president be able to lean on just one party for the answer to the country’s immigration reform problem.

“There’s very little doubt that he’s in control of his own agenda,” said Fraga.

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