Logan investigation discovers inoperable security cameras at Central High Apartments

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Camera concerns continue to arise from the deadly shooting of Eric Logan. The police investigation into the shooting revealed Central High Apartments' security camera system has been inoperable for the last five years.

"The manager at Central High Apartments told metro homicide, and she later told the Indiana State Police when they went back to interview her that the cameras had been disconnected for the last five years," Special Prosecutor Rick Hertel said at a press conference.

Officials explained further that Central High went through a remodeling project five years ago. Work on the building, cut or disconnected the wires from the security cameras throughout the building.

Those wires were not replaced or repaired.

At least one tenant said the lack of functioning security cameras does not bother her.

"It really doesn't make me nervous mostly because they recently got the key fab system," said Anna Balsbaugh who has lived at Central High since August. "So, you can scan your little button and go in, and it can't open unless you use that scanner, and I think that really works fairly well. So, it really doesn't scare me much that there's not cameras or anything."

Balsbaugh also said Central High management did not notify her of the inoperable security cameras, saying she "didn't even know there were cameras."

State police said Central High is not in violation of any state law for not having functioning security cameras, but could not confirm if it was in violation of any city ordinance.

Central High's corporate office did not respond to our request for comment.

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