Long lines for Cat Adoption Day

Cat lovers lined up Saturday outside of the Humane Society of St. Joseph County for Free Cat Adoption Day.

The shelter had more than 450 cats to choose from.

And with the holidays just around the corner it was a huge hit take a look at this line.

Many people took home one or more of these furry friends.

For Amanda Ross, this event came at a perfect time.

Her old cat had unfortunately passed away and she decided she had room in her home and her heart for a new one.

“They have an overabundance of cats right now. Its really sad, but there are so many people here and I’m honestly so amazed how many people are here. I was waiting outside for half an hour in the cold,” said Ross.

The event ended at 5:30 p.m. and the director told us they were doing well. So well in fact, that just a few hours before the shelter closed, they were down to only about 30 cats.

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