Man biking cross-country to beat breast cancer

NOW: Man biking cross-country to beat breast cancer


BREMEN, Ind. -- An Oregon man made a pit stop in Bremen Wednesday night on his sixth 3400 mile "breast cancer awareness" biking trek to New York.

“I’ve gone the same way six times, so...this is my sixth time through Bremen," said Brent Bundy.

It's the same way, same outfit, and same determination.

“Go under muscle power, that’s my GUMP," said Bundy, which is written on one of the bags attached to his bike.

Even with a seemingly endless supply of "GUMP," he does appreciate the rest he's getting at the Community Hospital of Bremen.

“Luckily the hospital me a room for the night, treated me like a king!" said Bundy.

He's a king who's chosen a mobile throne, pedaling from his home state of Oregon all the way to New York.

“I originally was going to jog, but I thought there’s no way, so I just bought a bike."

Buying a bike doesn't mean he likes biking, however.

"I’m not a biker, but I certainly wasn’t going to walk, so this is it. This is my transportation. No gas," said Brent.

Instead, the gas comes from the name top his crown.

“I lost my friend Gina in ’04 from breast cancer and never got to say goodbye to her, because she was in a coma, and this is just the way I say goodbye," said Brent.

No matter how many days, months, years on the same bike seat, that goodbye never gets easier.

“One of the best people you can imagine. I miss her," said Bundy, getting choked up.

So, while onlookers may at first notice the color, he says their second thought is probably that he's "completely loony."

After speaking with folks, he just hopes they come away understanding the cause.

“[The] goal is to just get breast cancer awareness out there. I know it’s out there, but the more the merrier. If Gina would have been checked earlier--She was stage four, which is way too late. She might still be here," said Bundy.

And when Brent struggles, he knows who to look to:“yeah Gina, Gina, Gina is my mantra, and I tap the helmet," he said...tapping his helmet.

Brent began his journey on June 1 and expects to make it to New York in mid October.

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