Man sets fire in Walmart, tries to walk out with stolen merchandise

A man who allegedly set a fire in the men's restroom at Walmart also tried to walk out with a cart full of merchandise, according to Benton Township Police.

The arson happened early Tuesday at the Walmart on Mall Drive in Benton Township.

By the time fire crews arrived, the custodian had gotten it mostly under control using a fire extinguisher.

Moments later, the man who allegedly set the fire tried to push a cart of unpaid merchandise out the door.

An employee asked for his receipt, and he ran off.

Police reviewed the surveillance video and determined the same man who went into the bathroom moments before the fire was the same man who attempted to leave the store with stolen merchandise.

"The problem is the amount he was trying to steal wasn't worth the damage he could have caused and the lives he could have taken by doing such a thing," said Lieutenant James Fogarty of Benton Township Fire.

Police have not released a suspect description.

If you have any information in this crime, contact Crime Stoppers at 800-342-STOP.

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