Many Hoosiers seeing increase in property tax bill

NOW: Many Hoosiers seeing increase in property tax bill

PLYMOUTH, Ind. - Indiana homeowners statewide are getting hit with major property tax increases in 2023 and Marshall County is no exception.

"I’ve been observing sales of property increasing very greatly over the past three years," said Peter Paul, Marshall County Assessor.  

Paul blames a pandemic-related surge in property values in 2021 for the spike in property tax bills.

A study from Purdue University found the average assessed value of Hoosier homes went up 14.6% this year, the biggest increase in 20 years. 

“Now this is not a unique situation for Marshall County residents, this has been widely published nationwide, these are the results of the housing booms that was widely reported on throughout 2022,” said Paul.

The assessments for 2022 were set by county assessors using the data on price hikes from 2021. In 2023, people are seeing the direct impact in their property tax bills, and the increases are not the same across the board.

It all depends on whether you made home improvements or houses near you sold for higher-than-expected prices.

“I find that maybe your house is a little bit nicer, a little more remodeled, there can be differences there that could influence someone’s taxable value, or taxes calculated form their value as opposed to a neighboring property,” said Paul.

Of course, Hoosier homeowners can appeal their property valuations by using form 130 and the deadline to file is June 15th.

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