Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears on ABC's 'This Week'

NOW: Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears on ABC’s ’This Week’

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg recently announced he has launched an exploratory committee for the upcoming 2020 presidential race. 

On Sunday, Feb. 3 Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared as a guest on ABC’s ‘This Week’ to discuss his potential run for president.

Mayor Buttigieg was asked what makes him a strong candidate for the country.

“I get the audacity of somebody like me talking about running for this office but frankly it’s a leap for anybody, anybody who arrives behind that desk. Again, all of the people who’ve had that job have been mortals who just bring their experience to the table," said Mayor Pete. He adds, "My experience is that of guiding a city through a transformation and I think a mayor at any level has the kind of executive, front-line, government experience and by the way, problem solving experience that we need more in Washington right now.”

Mayor Pete’s campaign focuses on the ideas of freedom, democracy and security. He was asked what those words mean to him as a presidential candidate.

"For example, when we talk about freedom, I think democrats need to be much more comfortable getting into that vocabulary. Conservatives care a lot about one kind of freedom and its freedom from regulation, freedom from government. But, certainly in my life experience there are a lot of things besides government that can make you un-free. You’re not free if you can’t start a small business because leaving your job would mean losing your healthcare. You’re not free if you can’t marry the person you love because some county clerk is imposing their interpretation of their religion. You’re not free if you can’t sue a credit card company even after they get caught ripping you off." He adds,”So I think we need to have a much richer, much thicker discussion about what it truly means to be free in this country and I think it falls to democrats to lead the way on that.”

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