Meet the man behind the $35 million gift to Notre Dame

It's a generous gift to the University of Notre Dame but it means more than just the amount of zeros attached to it. Irish alumnus Richard Corbett says his $35 million gift is to symbolize his passion for academics and athletics at Notre Dame.

Corbett's late father and brother also graduated from the university. His father played football under legendary Knute Rockne.

“I'm very interested in the education, the youth, and then coming back to Notre Dame,” says Corbett.

His gift goes towards two things he believes Notre Dame is all about.

“Sports and academics,” says Corbett. “I'm blessed to be able to do it.”

$25 million of his donation is going to the east side of the football stadium where classrooms for anthropology and psychology will go along with a digital media center.

“It's a marvelous meld and to put those in the stadium is very unique,” says Corbett. “Digital is the future and then anthropology is the study of man and then psychology is about how we relate to one another.”

The remaining $10 million will endow the head coaching position for the football team.

“(This will) provide that the Notre Dame football coach is an extraordinary leader of the Notre Dame mission,” says Micki Kidder, Associate Vice President of Notre Dame.

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