Michiana football fans react to Tom Brady's retirement announcement

NOW: Michiana football fans react to Tom Brady’s retirement announcement

SOUTH BEND, Ind. ---Legendary Quarterback Tom Brady says he is retiring after 23 seasons in the NFL. The 7-time Super Bowl Champion posted a 53 second video on social media this morning, letting fans know his decision. The 45-year-old initially retired in February of last year, but that decision did not last long as he returned for one last dance with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The announcement sent shock waves across the Country today, including in South Bend.   

Those we talked to on Eddy Street this morning, fans of him or not, were all able to agree on one thing, regarding Brady as the GOAT, greatest of all time. 

"its bittersweet… but it was an honor to grow up watching the quarter back of all time play football…" said Boston native, Marshall Terres. 

"I've never rooted for Tom Brady.. simply because he went to Michigan and Im a Notre Dame fan… but he is the greatest ever…there's no question about that…he's got the superbowls.. hes got the wins….the yards.. touchdowns… completions…. done it all," said Notre Dame fan Kory Misiewicz. 

"thank you for everything you did for the game man…you the greatest quarterback of all time.. you know what I'm saying..we appreciate you…. the Michael Jordan of football " said fan Terrell Sutherle. 

Two friends found themselves debating on the question and came to this, "at the end of the day he's the goat…because he's the greatest winner of all time", said Michael Graves. 

You're right you cant argue with superbowls…." agreed Pat Burgess. 

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