Mickgomery Hisey sentenced after fatal Christmas Day car crash

NOW: Mickgomery Hisey sentenced after fatal Christmas Day car crash

WARSAW, Ind. -- A Kosciusko County family can begin to move on, after a head-on crash on Christmas Day 2016, killed two of their own, and severely injured a third.

Mickgomery Hisey was sentenced Tuesday afternoon, for causing the tragedy.

There was not a dry-eye in the completely filled courtroom, as friends and family gathered to see how this tragedy would turn out.

Stephen Conrad III and his mom, Kim Conrad, were killed in that fatal crash, less than a year ago. 

Family took the stand, reliving the terrible tragedy that changed their lives forever.

They say, they were waiting for them to arrive at Michael Conrad's, Stephen Conrad III's brother, home.

Family received a text from Kim, saying they would get there in 15 minutes.

But they never arrived.

Hisey is charged with their deaths, after speeding on the wrong side of the road, and driving under the influence.

His blood alcohol level was 0.12 

In a statement, the Conrad family, including Stephen Conrad, Kim's husband and Stephen Conrad III's father, tells ABC57:

"Christmas Day, when the accident occurred, is going to be a constant nightmare for us, for the rest of our lives."

Hisey will spend 14 years at the Department of Corrections.

That is the maximum sentence he could have received, as he did sign a plea agreement. 

Judge Joe Sutton called the tragedy, "a callous disregard for the safety of others."

Hisey's official charges include operating a vehicle, under the influence, causing the deaths of both Kim and Stephen Conrad III.

He will serve a total of 10 years in the Department of Corrections, for those charges.

Hisey is also charged with causing serious violent injury, to both Stephen Conrad, and Brody Jordan, while operating a vehicle under the influence, 

His license will also be suspended for a total of 12 years, beginning on the day of his release.

Judge Sutton also waived all court costs and fees, so that Hisey's money could instead be given to the Conrad family for restitution. 

Hisey has 30 days to appeal this decision. 

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