More students choosing School City of Mishawaka

New students and new changes are headed to the School City of Mishawaka.

Fresh off a successful start to classes the growing district is looking to stay ahead of growing competition.

Monday was the first board meeting of the new school year.

The district announced more than 200 new students started last week.

It’s a sign Mishawaka’s public schools are growing and the superintendent says they’re prepared for it.

“We want to get better every day,” said Superintendent Dean Speicher. “We’re in a competitive environment and so by getting better every day we service our students more effectively.”

The school board and the corporation reiterated their promise of vested interest in the future of this district to every student this school year.

“We’ve been able to build a new culture in the school system, a culture of openness, a culture of transparency and a culture of trust,” said Speicher.

That culture was part of the school corporation’s message in order to invite new families to join this district’s home.

“We had about 225 new students but by the time you get done with students coming and going, we have about 130 new students net,” said Speicher.

That uptick in out of-the-district enrollment for this district means a big payoff.

“We’re looking at $800,000 to $900,000 of additional revenue for the general fund,” said Speicher.

More funding that would go to needed upgrades and expansions for this growing district.

“We’re trying to move the School City of Mishawaka from good to great,” said Speicher.

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