More victims share stories on car arsons

ELKHART, Ind. -- Just a few days ago we heard about an arson incident leaving 3 cars destroyed in Elkhart. Today we talked to two more victims of the same type of crime that happened a month ago leaving them thousands of dollars in debt. 

4 cars in total were ravenged through and burned to nothing in the early morning of July 13th. One was Lorena Rodriguez's and three were Stella Bryant's of Elkhart. 

Rodriguez showed ABC57 her surveillance footage from the night where you can see a man with a flashlight looking in and breaking into their cars, which then around 5 or 6 am burst into flames. 

Not able to believe what happened, both neighbors were stunned as they looked out the window to the large flames burning just feet from their front doors. 

Immediately they called 911 and thankfully help arrived before any other damage occured. 

Both women told me that they were worried for their families safety and now have trouble sleepging knowing that the perpetrator is still on the loose. 

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