Neighbors not happy about manufacturing plant moving in

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A $60 million project could bring up to 700 jobs to South Bend. Nemeth Properties, LLC attended the Area Plan Commission meeting to discuss the project.

According to the staff report of the Area Plan Commission of St. Joseph County, Nemeth Properties, LLC would need the property on the east side of Lombardy Drive, 200-feet south of Meadow Lane rezoned from Light Industrial to General Industrial and would need five variances.

The staff recommended approving the rezoning and variance requests.

The new building would be an expansion property to Nello Corporation. They are known for steel structures like cell-phone towers.

Kerry Ring has lived on the corner of Lombardy Drive and Meadow Lane for 8 years.

He likes the quiet, kid friendly atmosphere.

He says an industrial building doesn't fit in.

“You’re just going to take something really nice and make it bad,” says Ring.

Andrew Nemeth, with Nemeth Properties LLC. says this will be a positive addition to South Bend.

"Any time you can talk about creating new jobs and tax base in any community, it’s usually a good thing,” said Nemeth.

Nemeth projects this will create 2,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

"It'll help with housing stock. It'll help with restaurants. I mean, everything from top to bottom-it's very positive," said Nemeth.

Nemeth Properties, LLC. will present the project to the South Bend Common Council for a vote August 11th.

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