Neighbors react to overnight shooting

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Neighbors and family alike are mourning the loss of 28-year-old, Huey Hudson Jr. who was pronounced dead early Sunday morning at his brother's home. 

It was just after midnight when neighbors were woken up on South Liberty Street in South Bend.

Neighbor Joseph Labrash recalls, “I was in my living room winding down and watching TV getting ready to go to bed.”

Another neighbor, Betty Singer, says “Because I was asleep it woke me up.”

They were woken up to the sound of yelling and a homicide scene unfolding in their front yards.

Betty Singer says, “I heard hollering and screaming.”

Neighbor Luis Estreda says, “I just heard two gun shots.”

Whhen police arrived to the house they went inside and found 28-year-old Huey Hudson Jr. who was shot and pronounced dead.

Some neighbors say this is typical for this neighborhood and this home specifically.

Estreda says, “It’s always at night we would hear cars come by a lot here. There are a lot of people who would just go in and out from that house.”

Labrash says that after he heard gun shots something, he believes to be a bullet, hit his home “It sounded like it was here and there’s no marks we assume it’s that.”

Now, hours later, neighbors like Betty Singer were brought to tears, “We haven’t slept at all. Because I was sitting up with his dad last night...”

After living in South Bend her whole life, Singer says she’s been great friends with Huey’s dad, and she has come to love his son Huey who always would say hello when he came over to visit his brother Marcus.

Singer says, “That’s why I didn’t understand why he got shot. It might have been for somebody else.”

She and the rest of the neighborhood are praying for violence to end.

Singer says, “Right now it’s an everyday thing all you hear is bullets, people shooting.”

Estreda agrees, “It’s bad. I think it’s bad. Like I told you guys I’m used to it all ready.”

ABC57 will continue posting updates, on air and online, on this open homicide investigation. Currently, no arrests have been made.

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