New Hampshire's primary sets the tone for 2020 Democrats

NOW: New Hampshire’s primary sets the tone for 2020 Democrats

NASHUA, N.H. -- Most polls in New Hampshire opened at 6 a.m. Tuesday for the first primary in the nation. They have been the first primary since 1920.

Voting in New Hampshire is a special kind of tradition.

“I think I had like six people at my door on Saturday from the different campaigns," said Michael Scamlon. “Just all the different people running it’s been a lot.”

It’s a historically purple state. Since 1920, New Hampshirites have been first to cast their ballots in the primary election as mandated by state law.

Some voters said they decided who to vote for Monday night, others have known since 2016.

“Probably like yesterday, there was a lot of different candidates, yea," said Margo Teeters, who voted for Pete Buttigieg.

“I’m a Trumper," Potoma said. “I supported Donald Trump because I think he’s doing an excellent job as our president and he has the country’s best interests in mind.”

The publicity, momentum, and excitement behind the first primary makes it that much more unpredictable.

In an unsettled Democratic field, a win in New Hampshire will help set the tone for 2020, whichever way it goes.

Skip McNamara also voted for President Trump.

“He’s done the job he said he was going to do, he stepped on a few toes but so be it," McNamara said.

Bill Jenkins said he voted for Amy Klobuchar.

“She has empathy, she’s sincere and she’s bright, and I think those are all things that our president does not have," Jenkins said.

Nearly half of voters in New Hampshire are registered as independents and can participate in either party’s primary.

President Donald Trump is facing no serious threat for the Republican nomination.

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