New Notre Dame Stadium banners honor team's history

NOW: New Notre Dame Stadium banners honor team’s history

Adorned in art deco.

Lanterns lighting the way.

The final touches of Notre Dame Stadium coming together with the echoes of Rockne on display.

Beth Hunter is Notre Dame’s Assistant Athletic Director.

“We went into it with how do we celebrate the original Rockne Stadium. There was a team of three of us that poured over the old game programs and looked to identify some unique game programs that told some unique football stories and showed the great pageantry of Notre Dame Football. The programs we ultimately selected, there’s around 70 in total. They range from the 1920’s through the late 60’s. So really it was a process of narrowing down. We looked at color ways, we looked at years, we looked at opponents. And slowly we got to the 70 or so that we needed to give the concourse a bright pop of color,” said Hunter.

The gods of gridiron hanging inside gates A, B and C.

The games of yester year for die-hard fans to see.

“One in particular was a game that was supposed to be played in Iowa in 1963. As we recall Notre Dame actually made it to Iowa but the decision was made not to play the game due to President Kennedy’s assassination.  1936 is the first time we beat a number one ranked opponent and that was Northwestern. There was another program that we brought in from 1935. We played at Ohio State, we won 18-13 in Columbus and it really was the first singular football game that received national media attention.”

A Rockne inspired finish to honor Notre Dame’s past.

Leaving young and old with football memories sure to last.

Hunter said they worked closely with archives and also a company in Chicago to make these PDF’s and old program covers come to life.

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