Niles vandalized by graffiti

NOW: Niles vandalized by graffiti


NILES, Mich. – Graffiti vandalism is nothing new to the city of Niles, but that doesn’t mean it affects the community any less when it happens. Labor Day weekend was the latest incident of vandalism to come to the city.

The Niles skatepark, as well as several businesses nearby, were the most recent to be hit with graffiti Friday night.

Mayor Nick Shelton posted on Facebook saying how he was “incredibly disappointed” that anyone would think it was okay.

Many people took to social media to have a heated conversation about the topic, with some saying the vandals be punished while others offered alternative ideas such as inviting graffiti artists to decorate the skatepark.

One business owner in the area whose building was tagged said this was the worst he’d seen in twenty years.

“It really is sad. It's never gotten this bad. Usually I don't notice a little bit of graffiti here and there but this was insane! We walk through our alleyways every night and none of that was there last night. So we were just shocked when we walked outside this afternoon,” said Chance Smith.

Many in the Niles community have become passionate about the graffiti, with offers coming in via social media to install cameras at low-cost or even for free.

Niles Mayor Nick Shelton has asked that if anyone has any information regarding these activities, to either call the Niles Police Department at 269-683-1313 or leave an anonymous tip via

Photo courtesy Niles Skatepark Photo courtesy Niles Skatepark Photo by Chance Smith Photo by Chance Smith Photo by Chance Smith Photo by Teresa Rose Grimmer

Ferry St. Park on 17th and Ferry

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