No charges filed in Knox officer-involved shooting

NOW: No charges filed in Knox officer-involved shooting

KNOX, Ind. — Three law enforcement officers will not face charges for a shooting in Knox this time last year.

Investigators say William Newman was shot and killed while officers attempted to serve a warrant for his arrest.

Indiana State Police say during the altercation, Newman tried to drive away and ended up crashing through a garage, striking a police car even tried to run over an officer.

A representative from the department confirmed to ABC 57 News Thursday, no charges wil be filed against the law enforcement officers involved and, after a nearly yearlong investigation, the case was closed.

That was news to Nikki Hamman, the sister of Newman.

One year later, she and the family are still searching for answers.

She says they had been left in the dark since the investigation began.

“No closure, we don’t know any answers,” she said “We don’t know anything. I won’t stop until I get justice somehow. I don’t care if it takes the rest of my life.”

Hamman says the family is looking into further legal action.

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