Non-profit asks for stolen trailer to be returned

NILES, Mich. -- Officials with the Niles Burn Run are asking for the person who stole their equipment trailer to return it. Otherwise, money earmarked for the children will have to go towards buying a new trailer.

Every year the money raised from the annual Niles Burn Run sends local children with burn injuries to the Great Lakes Burn Camp.

Last year the money raised from the run sent 35 kids to camp.

This year, that may not happen.

"They've not hurt an individual, they've not hurt a for profit business, they've taken money directly out of the hands of children that have already been victimized,” said Scott Roberts, President of Niles Burn Run.

The charity raised $20,000 last year.

To replace the stolen trailer would eat up 20 percent of their usual profit.

So all Roberts wants is for the trailer to be returned – no questions asked.

"No questions asked. If the trailer showed up here tomorrow, we would be happy that someone had a heart and did the right thing,” said Roberts.

Niles’ Brown Funeral Home has already given $1,000 towards the purchase of a new trailer.

This year’s Niles Burn Run is July 14th. If you would like to sign up, click here.

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