North Berrien County Fire Department battles flames on a fruit farm

NOW: North Berrien County Fire Department battles flames on a fruit farm


COLOMA, MI -- Approximately 1:30 Friday morning the North Berrien County fire department was called to a fire on carmody road.

The fire had the main building engulfed with flames

The fire department was on the scene for four hours putting out the large fire

The North Berrien Fire department returned to the scene of the fire to extinguish another set of flames that started later in the day.

“We put as much as we could on it -- we thought we had it out pretty well but we figured we might have to come back for some hot spots and this just happens to be one of them” says North Berrien Fire chief Mike Mattix.

The farm lost their apple crop, which was stored in a cooler, but thankfully no one was hurt.

The fire department used multiple methods throughout the day to contain and eventually extinguish the fire.

“We try to use a different type of method it's what we call a penetrating nozzle so we can poke down into some of these piles. What we've got right now is just cardboard boxes that have been stacked up on top of each other and this nozzle allows us to poke down in there and get deep down into the seat of those piles” says Mattix.

The fire department is still monitoring the situation and investigators are still working to figure out what caused it.

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