North Central Indiana Teen Challenge expanding

The North Central Indiana Teen Challenge is a program designed to help young men rebuild their lives after struggling with addiction.

Tommy Meyers, one of the men in the program, said "I obviously had some issues with addictions and I had no idea where to go or how to overcome the problems, my own inner self, I guess. Several times I failed. The only thing I had not tried was doing it through faith; through a based system that had that stability that foundation if you will."

But that foundation is about to change drastically. This week crews will break ground on their new site which they plan to use to house 96 men.  

Andy Collins, the Executive Director of the program says, "It's a three and a half million dollar project and you know God is blessed us. Money has so far been coming in and different businesses, organizations, people have gotten really excited about our dream and vision for this county, for this community, and so they're actually really excited to get behind it and make it financially possible to realize our dreams in the building."

And that's only the beginning.  

They will then turn their current facility into a full time outreach center where, with the help of the Life Center Project, these men will learn life and career skills necessary to get jobs and re-enter society successfully.  

Something that men like Tommy are really excited to begin.

"It'll be nice to find one thing that I think I can excel at and continue to climb the ladder with. Be certified in it and continue to grow in that career and possibly one day have my own type of business." 

Some of the options for these young men will be welding, automotive, mechanical work, technical work, and computer classes.
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