Notre Dame football player agrees to pretrial diversion

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame football player Javon McKinley will avoid prosecution on allegations he assaulted police officers if he follows through with the pretrial diversion agreement.

The prosecution said he was eligible because he had sought out each person involved and apologized.

McKinley was arrested in February after allegedly punching two officers after having consumed alcohol. He was 20 at the time of his arrest.

In order for the three misdemeanors to be dismissed on April 14, 2020, McKinley must complete all the terms of the agreement including:

  • Paying court costs and the pretrial diversion user fees
  • Not committing any criminal offenses during the term of the agreement
  • Completing a substance abuse/alcohol evaluation and completing recommended treatment, as required in the substance abuse evaluation
  • Performing 40 hours of Community Service at a local non-profit agency

If he fails to meet the terms of the agreement, he can be prosecuted on two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury and one count of illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage.

Notre Dame football player arrested early Sunday morning

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