Notre Dame switches to LED lights in Purcell Pavilion

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- There are 116 lights in the ceiling of the Purcell Pavilion on the Notre Dame campus. Because all of those lights use up a lot of electricity the university switched to LED lights.

"You actually have better color rendering. You're going to see a truer color. What's under an LED light source is very bright, very crisp, and very clean," said Paul Kempf, Senior Director of Utilities and Maintenance.


Pregame introductions will now be done by simply dimming the lights.

The old lights only had two settings - on and off.


With these new lights, the Irish are sure to be one of the most visible teams in the country.

Kempf says he thinks Notre Dame is one of the first campuses in the country to use led technology on the basketball court.

Each fixture uses about 411 watts of energy compared to the old fixtures that used 1500 watts each.


Purcell Pavilion won't be the last building in Notre Dame to use LEDs. The maintenance department is already planning to use that same technology to light the dome.

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