Nurse overcomes opioid addiction to help others

NOW: Nurse overcomes opioid addiction to help others

CHESTERTON, Ind. - Rodrigo Garcia was working in the medical profession when he hurt his ankle playing baseball. He began taking Vicodin to treat the pain. First, he developed a dependency, then a full-blown addiction. With the help of his now-wife, Claudia, and a strong support system, Rodrigo entered treatment and overcame his addiction. Now, he and Claudia are trying to help others. 

In 2015, the couple started Parkdale Center for Professionals. It is a treatment center in Chesterton, Ind., that focuses on treating addicts in the medical profession.

Rodrigo said people in the health care industry are more susceptible to addiction than the general population for several reasons: first, they have access to a wide variety of drugs; second, they have expert knowledge of how to use the medications and how to potentially abuse them; third, they have a highly stressful job. The combination of those factors can create a toxic environment, leading to opioid addiction.

To hear the story of the Garcias' recovery journey, watch the video above.

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