Permanent pill drop-off locations coming to South Bend

NOW: Permanent pill drop-off locations coming to South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Soon, there will be a new, safe way to get rid of old and unused prescription medicine.

New pill drop-off boxes will be located at three supermarkets in the South Bend and Granger area.

It is all part of a partnership between the 525 Foundation and Martin's.

Granger mom Becky Savage testified in front of the Senate in 2018.

Now, she's hoping to attack the opioid epidemic and prescription drug abuse right here from home.

"This has kind of been a passion of ours, just to try to educate our community and try to make it easier for our community to dispose of unused or expired medication," said Savage.

Becky Savage is many things. A nurse, a mother, and an activist are just a few of the titles she holds. Her activism stems from the loss of two of her sons to opioid overdoses.

"About 3 years ago, my sons Nick and jack were at a graduation party where somebody had brought prescription pills that did not belong to them to a graduation party and had passed them out," said Savage. "Related to that, my two older boys passed away the next morning.

Since the death of her 19-year-old son Nick, and her 18-year-old son Jack, she's traveled across the country spreading awareness of the opioid epidemic. Savage has partnered with many organizations to bring successful pill drop-off drives to Michiana.

"We're excited," said Savage. "We had an idea about a year ago, that we thought it would be great if we could put some permanent drop boxes in a place people frequent often, which is the grocery store."

This has led her to forming a partnership with Martin's. Beginning on Monday, people will be able to drop off unused or old prescriptions at permanent, secure boxes at the Martin's on Heritage Square Drive in Granger, and the Martin's on Erskine Plaza and South Mayflower Road in South Bend.

"We wanted to pick three stores that would service the community the best way," said Savage. "And we thought having one in the south side, having one in the west side, and having one in the Granger area, we'd be able to reach a bigger population of people to service them with that."

Educating and serving her community is Becky Savage's way of keeping her sons' memories alive.

But, her work is far from over.

These permanent pill drop-off locations are something she wants to eventually get across Michiana

"We would love to, and I think that's what our end goal would be," said Savage. "We're super excited about it. It's just kind of a labor of love for us that we're kind of seeing into fruition, so we couldn't be more excited."

Savage says she has a full calendar this year already.

She'll be talking at schools not just here in Indiana, but across the country to bring more awareness to the opioid epidemic.

ABC 57 news reached out to Martin's, but they declined to comment until the drop-off boxes are unveiled on Monday.

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