Pilot and grandson dead after small plane crash in Michigan

A pilot and his grandson died in a fiery plane crash at an airport in Michigan Sunday.

The accident happened around 5:22 p.m. at the Tiny Zehnder Airfield in Frankenmuth.

First responders and the Frankenmuth Police Department responded to the plane crash to find the wreckage site near Curtis Road and Block Road.

Investigators at the scene confirmed the pilot, 55-year-old Eugene Root, and his 9-year-old grandson died in the crash, according to CNN.

Police say that the plane involved in the crash is registered to a hanger at Tiny Zehnder Airfield, located along South Block Road in Frankenmuth Township.

The accident scene was secured by Frankenmuth Police until the FAA and the National Safety Transportation Board arrived to begin their investigation.

Police say the grandfather was holding a birthday get-together at the hanger and had apparently been doing "touch and go" maneuvers just before the crash.

The FAA and the National Safety Transportation Board are still investigating the details leading up to the crash.

The Frankenmuth Fire Department, Michigan State Police, Bridgeport Township and Mobil Medical Response all responded to the scene of the accident along with local police.

CNN contributed to this report.

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