Plaintiff suing Notre Dame, Jane Roe, reaches agreement with Roe

The plaintiff suing the University of Notre Dame and Jane Roe alleging sexual harassment and racial discrimination has reached an agreement with Roe, according to recently filed court documents.

Doe filed a motion to dismiss Roe from the suit on July 12. It states Doe and Roe have come to a confidential agreement and part of the agreement is to drop Roe from the suit.

Doe, an African American student, filed suit against Roe and the university in November 2015 alleging racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

Doe alleged in the lawsuit Roe pressured him to have a sexual relationship with her daughter, then pressured him to stay in the relationship.

According to the motion to dismiss filed Tuesday, Doe says Notre Dame hasn't approved the dismissal of Roe from the suit.

No action has been taken on the motion to dismiss. It has not been granted or denied.

Earlier in the month, Doe filed a motion to compel the university to provide information regarding the financial dealings and donations it has received from business entities and individuals tied to Roe's family.

The plaintiff alleges that information is necessary to prove the university chose a "well-connected" member of the university community over protecting its students.

Paul Browne, Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications for the University of Notre Dame, released the following statement

The opposing counsel's assertions are false

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