Plans for Tolson Center expansion revealed

ELKHART, Ind.--- Plans for a multi-million dollar expansion of the Tolson Center in Elkhart were unveiled at a community meeting Thursday night at the Roosevelt Center. The meeting also discussed the governing body for the Center.

The new renovations will cost about $10 million. It will include more parking, a second gym, meeting spaces, and a state-of-the-art softball and soccer facility.

The renovations will be funded by public/private partnership. The center will be governed by a board of 15 members.

Four of those members will be appointed by the mayor, another four will be appointed by other city officials and the remaining seven will be at -large members appointed by the public. The board members will serve three year terms and can serve up to three terms.

The proposals for the governing body and the renovations will be brought up for their first reading at Monday's city council meeting.  

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