Neighbors speak out after shootings on southwest side critically injure two

NOW: Neighbors speak out after shootings on southwest side critically injure two

SOUTH BEND, Ind., --- Police are investigating two connected shootings on the city’s southwest side just after 6:00 am Tuesday morning that sent two males to the hospital.

At last check the one stable condition, the other still in critical condition.

Neighbors that were getting ready to go to work told ABC57 they’re shaken up and want all the violence to stop.

“This really hit home because I been here a while. It’s scary, very scary. I’m just sick of it,” said Darlene Frison, a 20-year resident of the area who lives just a few houses down from the first shooting on South Warren Street.

“As soon as I came out the door the police were flying down the street,” added David Parker-Brooks, a 15-year resident of the area and lives just a block away from South Jackson Street.

Tuesday morning's shootings hit close to home for long-time residents in the area like Frison and Parker-Brooks.

Parker-Brooks said he moved to the neighborhood 15 years ago to get away from violence but now he feels like crime in the area is only getting worse.

“It’s alarming. I did right turn right back around to my house and make sure everything was okay was at home. Make sure my wife was you know secure at the house as I left for work. Checked on my neighbors’ homes and everybody was okay.”

Shots rang out just minutes apart from each other early Tuesday morning on South Bend's southwest side.

The first call on the 2100 block of South Warren street around 6:15 am, then just 20 minutes later and blocks away near 1600 South Jackson street.

“I happen to be out here this morning. I saw it but I didn’t know what was going on. I just hope it gets better. It’s scary,” said Frison.

“It’s hard, I moved here years ago to get away from violence back in the 90’s and it seems like it’s an uptick here in South Bend,” added Parker-Brooks.

Tuesday’s incidents marked the city’s 27th criminally assaulted shooting this year alone, compared to 29 during this time in 2021, but more victims have been involved so far this year.

“We have to find ways to Police our communities with inside of it and help our city leaders get to where we want our community to be,” explained Parker-Brooks. “I just hope that as a community as a neighborhood we can come back together and keep our children and our families safe.”

South Bend Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit is investigating the connected shootings.

If you have any information, you can reach out to the police department or Michiana crime stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

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