Examining police reform in South Bend one year after Eric Logan's death

NOW: Examining police reform in South Bend one year after Eric Logan’s death

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- One year after Eric Logan was killed by former South Bend Police Sergeant Ryan O'Neill, the city continues to work on policing reform. Several proposals are in the works to try and end systematic racism and police brutality. 

"What should have been a routine call for service, a call about some potential burglaries in the parking lot of a parking complex turned out with death of one of our residents," said Mayor James Mueller.

In the wake of that shooting, Mayor Mueller has proposed changes to the city's use of fore policy and the implementation of a new discipline matrix and the creation of a  citizens review board to examine cases of potential police misconduct. 

"It’s great that the city has been responsive to the concerns of the community, but we’ve feel that they’ve gone too slow," said Jorden Giger of South Bend Black Lives Matter.

Mueller provided updates on several of these policies at his press conference Monday.

The first draft of the discipline matrix is scheduled to be released this week, the banning of chokeholds will now be included in the city's use of force policy that will be released later this summer, and there will be a community hearing of the citizens review board on Tuesday night.

"To actually make these changes, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. It’s going to take some time to do somethings even as we do easier things, quicker things, in the near term," said Mueller. "You can’t replace the hole, when someone is lost, when a loved one is lost but you can make sure moving forward we can do better as a community next time."

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