Preparing for the snow ahead

The season’s first snow is set to hit Michiana this weekend and our weather team is predicting the possibility of up to a half a foot of snowfall.

It’s been nearly 250 days, March 23rd to be exact, since the last snowfall in our area.

Make sure to hit the grocery store as soon as you can today, possibly even during a lunch break.

The Red Cross recommends a 3 day supply of food and water.

With the holidays approaching, a lot of people may be heading out of town. If you’re leaving early this weekend, set your house temperature no lower than 55 degrees.

And if you haven't yet, get out and buy those warm coats, hats, and even extra blankets

There’s also a strong possibility that snow could freeze overnight Saturday, so if you have travel plans on Sunday be aware of the possibility of freezing roads.

We’ll keep you updated on the snow throughout the day tomorrow. 

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