Primary election: James Mueller wins Democratic nomination for South Bend mayor

Primary election: James Mueller wins Democratic nomination for South Bend mayor

James Mueller won the Democratic nomination for South Bend mayor.

Mueller and his supporters filled the back room of Corby's to view the election results. Once the results came, there were chants and cheers for the new Democratic mayoral candidate.

Mueller ran his primary campaign focusing on continuing current Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s progress.

The Mayor Buttigieg stopped by the party to congratulate his former high school classmate and former chief of staff.

Mueller told the crowd he wasn't necessarily what people pictured as a politician, but was thankful for the community’s support.

“I’m just so excited that the voters have given us the confidence to continue what we started and as we’ve been saying since the beginning of this campaign together we can build on our progress and we can’t stop now. Thank you," Mueller said.

Mueller says he knows there’s still work to do before November’s general election where he’ll face off against Republican mayoral candidate Sean Haas.

When asked how he’ll pick up the votes of people who didn't back him this time around, he says he will work to win them over.

“Show why I’m going to be their mayor too just because they didn’t vote for me doesn’t mean that I don’t represent them and don’t have their interest at heart," Mueller said.

Mueller said his primary opponents were fierce competitors and he hopes they can all come together to help win the race in November.

South Bend Mayor
James Mueller (D)4,44637%
Jason Critchlow (D)3,08126%
Lynn Coleman (D)2,70123%
Regina Williams-Preston (D)8767%
Oliver Davis (D)7236%
Salvador G. Rodriguez (D)230%
Will Smith (D)180%
Shane Inez (D)160%
Richard O. Wright (D)150%

The Democratic candidates:

  • Lynn Coleman is a former South Bend police officer and current community liaison at Memorial Hospital.
  • Jason Critchlow is a senior project manager for a clinical research company and the former chairman of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party.
  • Oliver Davis represents the 6th district on the South Bend Common Council.
  • Shane Inez, an entrepreneur, announced he was dropping out of the race and endorsed Regina Williams-Preston.
  • James Mueller worked as Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s chief of staff and executive director of community investment for the city before he entered the race.
  • Salvador G. Rodriguez is a Clay High School graduate.
  • Will Smith has not participated in any candidate events.
  • Regina Williams-Preston is a teacher and a member of the South Bend Common Council representing the second district.
  • Richard Wright is a Downtown South Bend Ambassador

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