Public provides input on contract for new South Bend Superintendent

Tonight in South Bend, a chance for the public to provide input on the contract proposal for new Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells, who could start as early as July 1st.

Jeff Rea is the President and CEO of the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce.

He says Dr. Spells has the full support of the community.

"We recognize to attract top talent here, you have to pay a competitive salary. The superintendent job is one of the most is complicated and complex positions in our area. To make him the top performer that he needs to be - we need to surround him with the right support from the community - and part of that is includes his own contract,” said Rea.

Tonight’s special meeting at the School Corporation Building was just step one.

The next step will be to vote on the contract before the new superintendent is set to start in July.

As we’ve already reported, new Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells salary will be $190,000 along with enrollment incentives throughout the course of his contract.

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