Railroad closures causing major traffic concerns for Goshen residents

NOW: Railroad closures causing major traffic concerns for Goshen residents

GOSHEN, Ind. --- Four major railroad crossings are being closed for repairs this week in Goshen. The closures are just another part of the long term battle the city has had with railway Norfolk Southern.

While residents understand why the work needs to happen they‘re fed up with the railroad causing major headaches in their community.

“Fire department gotta come they can’t get here. They gotta go all the way around town to get here. Does that make me feel safe no it don’t. If I was having a heart attack or something do I got more time? No," said Goshen Resident, Robert Dailey.

Railroad crossings have been creating traffic concerns for Goshen residents for years.

Many say they’ve had to race trains to get to work on time, but now they’re facing construction concerns.

“Basically you’re not gonna be able to get to the northeast side of town unless you use the bypass or you have access here through Logan street or around the fairground roads. Which is a major pain in the butt," said Resident, Betsy Garber.

The city previously sent a letter to Norfolk Southern back in March to address community safety.

Our partners at the Elkhart Truth reporting just this week that letter, drew zero response.

Betsy Gerber’s husband has a business located closely to the Lincoln Avenue crossing and says she recognizes the need for the repairs, but it didn’t need to be done all at once.

“There’s a lot of semi traffic and trying to route that through local residential streets is gonna be really hard on the roads it’s gonna be hard on the people. This is a residential neighborhood you’ve got kids who play they don’t need this kind of traffic on their residential streets," said Garber.

The Elkhart Truth sharing that city officials did have a recent meeting with a regional representative for the railroad, but for residents like Robert Dailey they say enough is enough.

“It seems like every year they’re doing something to them tracks. Why can’t they fix 'em right the first time and don’t have to come back the next year to do it again," said Dailey.

We’ve reached out to the city of Goshen and Norfolk Southern for a response to the closures, but haven’t head back at this time.

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